The organisation


Our non-profit organisation law : 1901 nW013001291 created 13 august 2016 aims to raise founds for vulnerable groups/people in need as Well as support for acts of charity performed by afilliated associations.

Afilliated and created by the french chapter of the Instagram fraternity “BEARDED VILLAINS” , we hope to use our visibility to reach out to the largest number of people possible and help , either financially or through rising awareness for other charitable associations !
To achieve this , our organistion hope to exercise certain economic activities such as:

  • the selling of non-consumable: tshirt and other merchandise
  • the selling of lottery tickets.
  • the selling of cosumables (notably during group meetings)

The organisation is neutral , apolitical and non conventional.
In accordance With the BEARDEDVILLAINS fraternity’s goals, our organisation’s aims are of a similar humanitarian and seek to improve the world through fraternity, charity and kindness.
Open to all people of majority âge , our organisation hopes to establish Its presence throughout FRANCE, via the actions of active members and small groups of volunteers.