The meeting is over, emotions remain

Friday evening

The first brothers arrive from all over France, by train, by car, by subway. After a quick installation at the hotel, appointment is set in a Parisian brasserie. The first contacts are made around a beer and a cheese tray. We discovers each other however it seems that we already knows each other.

Saturday, D-day

The brothers already present are excitedly waiting in the living room of the hotel that all the bros arrive. Every time, tears in the eyes for some, big hugs for others then finally the chapter is reunited. We take advantage of this time at the hotel to dress ourselves according to the dress code we had collectively chosen to know “elegant” and “gentleman farmer”.

After a real convivial time at the restaurant, difficult to get out of the table to face the Parisian drizzle. Finally, direction “la petite ceinture” (rail disused of the SNCF) for the first shooting of the highly anticipated Black Flag. In order to have high quality photographs for this unique moment, professional photographers accompany us on a voluntary basis. We make photos of groups, scripted, individual, but also more personal. We leave “la petite ceinture” and head towards Trocadero.

The night begins to fall and the Eiffel tower is a little lost in the gray. We then wait for the flicker scheduled to precise hour to see it at best and realize the last shots. Head to the hotel to warm us up and put on more “villain” clothes. After this short interlude, all Bearded Villains went to the restaurant to spend the evening we had been dreaming for months. On the way we are well aware that a horde of about forty bearded man in the subway does not go unnoticed but the looks are benevolent and many quidams ask us about our fraternity. The evening, perfectly organized, will be far beyond our expectations: Flammenkueche, beer, jokes, conviviality and songs as well as a moving speech of our captain.


Le réveil n’est pas facile pour tout le monde sachant que la soirée s’est terminée un peu plus tard pour certains… Nous nous mettons toutefois en route pour assurer l’action caritative organisée par l’association « Les Compagnons du Lys » et terminons par un dernier shooting photo sur l’esplanade du Louvres. Nous profitons pleinement de ce moment car dès la fin du shooting, certains regagnent déjà leur foyer. Un dernier resto pour ceux qui ont pu rester et nous nous quittons avec des souvenirs plein la tête et les yeux et surtout la promesse d’un au revoir.
The awakening is not easy for everyone knowing that the evening ended a little later for some … However, we set out to ensure the charity organized by the association “Les Compagnons du Lys” and conclude with a final photo shoot on the Louvres esplanade. We take full advantage of this moment because at the end of the shooting, some are already returning home. A last restaurant for those who have been able to stay and we leave with memories full head and eyes and especially the promise of a goodbye.