Bearded Villains


Originally created in 2014 in LOS ANGELES With the goal of showcasing Bearded men of character. Our fraternity is now a worldwide phenomenon found in every continent ( Mexico,Brasil,Colombia,United Kingdom,Germany,Italie,Australia,South Africa,India,Russia,…) as Well as in 25 US states.
The Bearded Villains fraternity is dedicated to the Beard , charity, family, respect and loyalty.

The Mission statement
“To unite Bearded men of all culture , race, creed and sexuality in a brotherhood devoted to loyalty, honor and respect towards all people, dedicated to the betterment of man kind through fraternity, charity and kindness”.

Created in 2015, the FRENCH CHAPTER now counts 40 members accross FRANCE . The “Compagnon du lys”-created by us, in 2016-so as to provide a legal framework for our activities and more clearly direct our efforts towards found-raising and other acts of charity as we feel we must put our principals Into action .